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Shopping for cheese
The first rule of shopping for cheese is to look for a clean, neat and well organized cheese shop that has cheese attractively displayed.

Quality should always be the first consideration when making your cheese selection. At our cheese shop you will find a wide variety of cheese including many of the specialty and imported varieties. A cheese shop specialist will assist and advise you on your selection. When visting our shop always ask for a sample before making a selection.

The best place to store cheese is in the refrigerator (never freeze), wrapped tightly to retain moisture. Never use the same wrapping twice as it will not reseal properly.

To ensure full flavor, gourmet cheese is best served at room temperature. Depending on the hardness of the cheese this could take up to two hours.

  • Leave unrefrigerated wrapped so that it does not dry out.
  • Unwrap just before serving.
  • Plan on 3 to 5 onces of cheese per guest.
  • Arrange cheese on flat, sturdy board instead of a dish for ease of cutting.

With so many types to choose from, cheese can be enjoyed in an infinite variety of ways. Savor it by itself, with bread or crackers, or as a partner for fruit. Complement it with a glass of wine or let it add its own. However you use it, cheese belongs in a class of its own.

Pick some up today and enjoy tne natural goodness of cheeses from around the world.

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