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19-12-2004 Heather again attempts to post an article by herself. Wally only spends 20 minutes cleaning it up.
30-10-004 - Huge female Paralysis Tick found on Kylee. Even the ticks are deadly in Australia. Dog, however, showing no signs of paralysis.
27-10-2004 - Wally is to start his new job at Elpro Technologies. He will be the salesman responsible for sales to North America.
26-10-2004 - We have returned from Southeast Asia and have posted an article about our travels.
The time in Brisbane:
Welcome! For those of you who don't know us, I will give you a little synopsis of how we came to be expatriates.

Wally and I both grew up in Katy, Texas and attended Taylor high school. I didn't like him very much, but we had homeroom together. Soon I decided he wasn't too bad. We graduated high school in 1998 and then we both attended The University of Texas at Austin, where we would go on a date about every six months when we weren't seeing other people. Then the summer of our 3rd year we decided to try dating. We spent most of the summer running around Bandera, Texas with his two best friends Engler JP. We would float in the river, ride four wheelers, skinny dip, and play washers. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Sometime between then and now we decided to move to Australia. Now that we are here, I cannot remember how we came to that decision or why it seemed like such a good idea. We decided to get married and sell everything we owned and by December 1st 2003, we were on our one way trip to Brisbane, Australia. Since then life has been quite comical and sometimes stressful learning the ways of a new country. We are enjoying the experience and are adjusting well to this foreign land. Our trials are definitely giving us experience and we hope you enjoy the webpage and maybe even learn something too.

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